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What is Pixiu

Pixiu, also known as "Pi Yao" or "Bi Yao", is a mythical beast from ancient Chinese legends[1], with the head of a dragon, the body of a horse, the feet of a qilin, and the shape of a lion. Its fur is gray-white, and it can fly.

What is a Pixiu looks like

Pixiu is fierce and powerful, and it patrols the sky to prevent demons, plagues, and diseases from disturbing the heavenly court. Some say it is the ninth son of the dragon. It can swallow everything without excreting. It can attract wealth and treasure, and it only takes in and never gives out. It has extraordinary magical powers.

That is why many people today like to wear Pixiu products.

3 Benefits from wearing Pixiu

Attract wealth

Pixiu is a guardian of wealth. It is believed to have the power to safeguard its owner's wealth and protect against financial losses.

Ward off evil & disasters

Pixiu have the ability to devour evil spirits and protect its owner from harm. Its mythical origins and protective qualities contribute to the belief that it can bring good luck and wealth.

Enhance interpersonal relationships

In Feng Shui, Pixiu is believed to attract positive energy and deflect negative energy. A harmonious and positive environment can contribute to better relationships, both personally and professionally. By having Pixiu in a space, people may feel more at ease and conducive to positive interactions.

Pixiu bracelet

Benefits from Pixiu

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